Producing our goods in Western Macedonia we daily achieve to respond to the continuously increased demand, assuring our consumers excellent quality products.



Potato varieties
  • Processing Potato: Lady Claire, Hermes, Opal etc.
  • Traditional Potato: Agria, Spunta, Jelly, Otolia etc.

    V.S. Potatoes directly administrates the imports of certified potato seeds from world known breeding companies, assuring top quality services, high yields and healthy potato seeds for all its producers.

Seed material

  • Grain
  • Legume
  • Industrial plants
  • Horticulture plants

    We provide certified seeds of durum wheat, soft wheat, barley, triticale, corn, vetch, alfalfa, canola, sunflower, and horticulture seedlings upon order.


Pesticides - Fertilizers

    Each year is different, that’s why we notice our cultivation’s needs and provide our farmers with the proper guidance in order to achieve best possible yield and quality.

Field Trials

    Annually, V.S. Potatoes creates field experiments where new cultivars, pests and fertilizers are being evaluated, aiming highest yields for the farmer by using as little inputs as possible. Offering a qualitative product to our clients and consumers.