About us


    VS POTATOES company which is based in Proastio, Ptolemaida, attends to processing and traditional potato industry for several years along with wholesale grain and oilseed trade, offering premium quality products with competitive prices.

  Our company’s well trained agriculturist team has weekly attendance to our farmers’ products providing technical and consulting support from sowing to harvesting. Following the sustainable agriculture framework, quality checking farmer’s products and ensuring consumer’s safety, V.S. Potatoes is globally certified according to Global G.A.P. and SFP standards.

   In our brand new, up to date facilities we provide only the latest technology of certified sorting lines, ensuring user safety and maximum quality products. Adhering to the rules of good agricultural practices we collect, sort and store prime potato varieties in order to guarantee premium quality products to our clients.

Socrates Voitsidis

    From an early age, Sokratis Voitsidis has shown his love for the land and drove him to create his own fields and work as a farmer. Beginning his journey, he started cultivating traditional crops of Western Macedonia, likewise wheat and corn, and achieved in short period of time to be established as an important and consistent producer. His wild spirit and his ability to adjust to constantly changing conditions, pushed him to try processing and traditional potato cultivation in 2004. This experiment made him realize that this product is suitable for him.

   The rapidly rise of demand, as a result from his successful products, drove him in 2016 to set up V.S. POTATOES, a company with both respect for the land and her final consumers. He thrived to gather a group of young and able farmers who are not established only in Ptolemaida but also located in Western Macedonia. V.S. POTATOES is now one of the most valuable potato supplier in the crisps industry not only in Greece, but also in Balkan territory.

   Sokratis Voitsidis decided in 2021 to embark on agricultural supplies (fertilizers, seeds, pesticides, herbicides, etc.), willing to offer complete services and aiming for high quality and less inputs for his producers.

   V.S. POTATOES founder, Sokratis Voitsidis, wanted to meet market needs in 2022 upgraded his fleet and now V.S. POTATOES is capable of transporting agricultural supplies to her clients, serving a wide network.