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Agricultural supplies

In our store you will find certified grains, horticultural and industrial seeds.


Grain production and commerce

Our company produces certified grain seeds and is concerned with cereal trade.


Potato Commerce

Processing and traditional potato production and allocation (bags from 10 to 30kg and Big Bags.


Contract Farming

Assure your product’s disposal with the most competitive prices of the market.” “Sowing-Harvesting-Transport Services. We are taking sow and harvest services on potato cultivation, as well as transport services from and to our clients.


Potato Trade Kozani

    VS POTATOES company which is based in Proastio, Ptolemaida, attends to processing and traditional potato (field/industry) for several years along with wholesale grain and oilseed trade offering premium quality products with competitive prices.

  In our brand new, up to date facilities we (provide/offer/present) only the latest technology of certified sorting lines, ensuring user safety and maximum quality products. Adhering to the rules of good agricultural practices we collect, sort and store prime potato varieties in order to guarantee premium quality products to our clients.


Potato Trade Kozani